Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Thursday, June 26, 2014

For some people, worries about appearance become extreme and upsetting, interfering with their lives. This condition is called body dysmorphic disorder. Dr. Edward Hill tells us more about this disorder in todays 60 Second Housecall.

Dr. Hill:

Body dysmorphic disorder is a type of chronic mental illness in which you cant stop thinking about a flaw in your appearance a flaw that is either minor or imagined. But to you, your appearance seems so shameful that you dont want to be seen by anyone.

When you have body dysmorphic disorder, you intensely obsess over your appearance and body image, often for many hours a day. Your perceived flaw causes you significant distress, and your obsession impacts your ability to function. You may seek out numerous cosmetic procedures or excessively exercise to try to fix your perceived flaw, but youre never satisfied.

Body dysmorphic disorder is also known as dysmorphophobia, the fear of having a deformity.

Treatment of body dysmorphic disorder can be difficult, especially if you arent a willing and active participant in your care. But treatment can be successful. The two main treatments for body dysmorphic disorder are cognitive behavioral therapy and medications. Often, treatment involves a combination of these.

For North Mississippi Medical Center, Im Dr. Edward Hill.