Family and Patient Care

Thursday, December 01, 2016

We are all concerned when our family members go to the hospital for care. How can we be assured our loved ones get appropriate care? Dr. Edward Hill discusses several reasons families should be an integral part of the hospital care process.

Dr. Hill:

Greater emphasis on hospital quality and safety stress the appropriate involvement of the family in the patients care. Families need to be viewed as partners in care rather than visitors.

Research has found that the quality and safety of a patients care is enhanced when the family is intimately involved in the care. Some positive outcomes from close family involvement include:

Improved information flow from patient to caregivers and caregivers to patient. They can help both speak for the patient and translate health information to them

Reduced risk of the patient becoming disoriented and confused by the familys calming presence and reassurance

Improved rest for the patient by less interruptions from the caregivers checking on patients

Improved nutrition by families assisting with feeding, and

Less chance of errors by the families asking questions of the caregivers

To improve the care for your family members, insist on being an involved partner in their care and speak up when there are questions.

For North Mississippi Medical Center, Im Dr. Edward Hill.