Family Physicians
Thursday, September 17, 2009

Of the 1.1 billion medical visits Americans make each year, almost half are to primary care doctors. Dr. Edward Hill discusses family physicians in todayís 60 Second Housecall.

A family physician is a doctor who takes care of the whole family. Family physicians create caring relationships with patients and their families.

They are on the frontlines of medicine, doing everything from diagnosing strep throat and setting broken bones, to treating chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure. They also help patients make certain lifestyle changes, like following a healthy diet, getting more exercise, and quitting smoking.

Family physicians know your familyís health history and how it can affect you. They can diagnose and treat the full range of problems people usually bring.

Family doctors know the most current treatments and technologies. They train for three years in real practice settings. And they re-certify more than any other medical specialty.

When looking for a family physician for you and your loved ones, itís best to do the research when youíre not under pressure. Donít wait until illness strikes to look for a doctor. You may not have enough time to decide on the best place to get care.

For North Mississippi Medical Center, Iím Dr. Edward Hill.