Halloween Safety
Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween is a time for trick or treating, but there are also dangers to avoid while your children gather their treats. Dr. Edward Hill gives us some Halloween safety instructions in today’s Sixty Second Housecall.

Halloween is a time when children dress up and roam the neighborhoods in search of some of their favorite candy. While Halloween should be a time for fun and treats, tragedy often interferes. Four times as many children are killed on Halloween evening than any other time.

Halloween activities often occur after dark. Children are likely to choose the shortest rather than the safest route across streets, often darting out between parked cars.

Parents can help prevent injury at Halloween by making sure their children:

• Use flashlights, stay on sidewalks and avoid crossing yards.

• Cross streets at the corner, use crosswalks and do not cross between parked cars.

• Stop at all corners and stay together in a group before crossing.

• Wear clothing that is bright, reflective and flame retardant.

• Avoid wearing long, baggy or loose costumes or oversized shoes to prevent tripping.

Many Halloween-related injuries can be prevented if parents closely supervise children. Make sure your child has a fun and safe Halloween celebration.

For North Mississippi Medical Center, I’m Dr. Edward Hill.