Healthy Snacks
Friday, October 17, 2008

Finding a healthy snack for your children is a tall order. Dr. Edward Hill has some tips to make the task easier in today’s 60 Second Housecall.

Smart snacking can help children meet daily nutrient requirements that may be missed at meal times. Children may need snacks to help them get enough calories to provide energy for them throughout the day. So, choosing healthy foods that add nutrients—without excessive calories—is essential.

Here are some tips for providing healthy snacks for your children:

· To avoid weight gain, keep portions small.

· Pre-portion your child’s snacks into small plastic bags to grab on the go or put a snack-sized serving on a plate.

· Combine snacks from at least two food groups, like a protein and a carbohydrate, to pack more nutrients into your child’s diet. It will be more filling and will tide them over until the next meal.

· Adding 1 percent or skim milk to cereal or peanut butter to crackers or fruit is an easy way to add calcium and protein to an otherwise carbohydrate-only snack.

If chosen carefully, snacks can promote good health by supplying nutrients without adding too many calories.

For North Mississippi Medical Center, I’m Dr. Edward Hill.