Tattoo Removal

Thursday, December 24, 2009

What are your options when decide you dont want your tattoo anymore? Dr. Edward Hill discusses tattoo removal in todays 60 Second Housecall.

Tattoos are meant to be permanent, so complete removal of them is difficult. Several removal techniques exist, but regardless of the method used, scarring and skin color variations are likely to remain. Methods include:

Laser Surgery - this is the most effective way to get rid of a tattoo. Pulses of laser light break up the pigment in the tattoo and your body naturally processes it. You may require as many as 12 treatments over a year to reduce the appearance of the tattoo. The treatment might not be able to completely erase it. Black ink is the easiest to remove, and red and yellow are the most difficult.

Dermabrasion - the tattoo area is chilled until numb, and then the skin that contains the tattoo is sanded down to deeper levels. Dermabrasion may leave a scar.

Excision - a doctor can surgically cut out the tattoo and stitch the edges back together. This can also leave a scar.

Before you get a certain tattoo, consider the difficulty of tattoo removal.

For North Mississippi Medical Center, Im Dr. Edward Hill.