Urinary Tract Infection 2

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

For people suffering from urinary tract infections, treatment is important in preventing future infections or complications. Dr. Edward Hill discusses treatment of urinary tract infections in todays 60 Second Housecall.

Dr. Hill:

Urinary tract infections can occur in the bladder or kidney and the prostate gland in men. If your symptoms are mild with only frequent and painful urination, you most likely have a simple bladder infection.

Simple bladder infections are treated with antibiotics as an outpatient and often with only one dose of antibiotics.

A few days of antibiotic pills will usually cure a urinary tract infection. Usually, symptoms of the infection go away one to two days after you start taking the medicine.

Your doctor may also suggest a medicine to numb your urinary tract and make you feel better while the antibiotic starts to work.

For patients with un-resolving or frequent urinary tract infections, your physician may do diagnostic tests of the urinary tract to look for structural problems. If you have three or more urinary tract infections each year, your doctor may want you to begin a preventive antibiotic program. A small dose of an antibiotic taken every day helps to reduce the number of infections.

For North Mississippi Medical Center, Im Dr. Edward Hill.